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Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

Looking for the best android mobiles list in India? We have the most comprehensive list of best mobiles in India compared side-by-side with features you can’t resist. In addition to top smartphones features, you can also find latest smartphone prices, specifications and comparison here.

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Top 10 Android Mobiles List in October 2023

Last Updated September 29, 2023

Top Android Mobile
Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy S21 FE

The Samsung Galaxy S21 FE features Exynos 2100 Octa Core Processor with a 12+12+8 MP rear camera, 32 MP front camera, 6.4″ 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED display, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, 4500 mAh battery with 25W fast charging.
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#1 Best Mobile in India and Best Samsung Mobile in terms of features and price.

Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

OnePlus 11R

The OnePlus 11R is an excellent choice for everyday users. The reliable battery, striking display, and other features make it a good package.

Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 Octa Core Processor
50+8+2 MP Rear Camera
16 MP Front Camera
6.74″ (17.12 cm) 120Hz Super Fluid AMOLED Display
8 GB RAM | 128 GB Storage
5000 mAh | 100W Fast Charging
Android v13 OS
Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra excels in multitasking, photography, display quality, and storage capacity with spectacular specs.

Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 Octa Core Processor
108+12+10+10 MP Rear Camera
40 MP Front Camera
6.8″ (17.27 cm) 120Hz Dynamic AMOLED Display
12 GB RAM | 256 GB Storage
5000 mAh | 45W Fast Charging
Android v12 OS
5G | NFC | Fingerprint Sensor
Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

vivo V27 Pro

The Vivo V27 Pro brings style and substance with its powerful processor, impressive camera capabilities, and colour-changing design.
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Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

Google Pixel 7A

The Pixel 7a is a practical and feature-rich phone with a Google Tensor G2 Octa Core Processor, 64+13 MP rear camera, 13 MP front camera, 6.1″ 90Hz OLED display, 8 GB RAM, 128 GB storage, 4385 mAh battery with 18W fast charging, running on Android v13 OS, and equipped with 5G, NFC, and a fingerprint sensor.
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Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra 5G

Keeping aside the fancy camera jargon, there’s very little the S23 Ultra does to go wild. Instead, it plays safe and to its strengths, with a reliable processor, a fantastic camera system and one of the best battery backups of a flagship smartphone. 
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Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

Samsung Galaxy A54 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A54 5G is styled to ape an S23 Plus, and it does that well in terms of design, build and battery life. It has a fantastic display too.
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Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

vivo V27

The Vivo V27 mobile phone is best for its powerful performance, impressive camera setup, large high-refresh-rate AMOLED display, generous RAM and storage capacity, fast charging capability, 5G connectivity, and secure fingerprint sensor.
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Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

OnePlus 11

OnePlus 11 5G offers excellent performance with Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Octa Core Processor, charging, and camera capabilities. The 100W fast-charging support is definitely the cherry on the cake.
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Xiaomi 13 Pro (Ceramic Black, 12GB RAM 256GB Storage) | Leica Professional 50MP Triple Camera | Biggest Camera Sensor 1" IMX989 | SD 8 Gen 2

Xiaomi 13 Pro

Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Octa Core Processor
50+50+50 MP Rear Camera
32 MP Front Camera
6.73″ (17.09 cm) 120Hz AMOLED Display
12 GB RAM | 256 GB Storage
4820 mAh | 120W Fast Charging
Android v13 OS
5G | Fingerprint Sensor
Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

OnePlus 10R 5G

MediaTek Dimensity 8100 Max Octa Core Processor
50+8+2 MP Rear Camera
16 MP Front Camera
6.7″ (17.02 cm) 120Hz Fluid AMOLED Display
8 GB RAM | 128 GB Storage
5000 mAh | 80W Fast Charging
Android v12 OS
5G | NFC | Fingerprint Sensor
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Best Mobiles Brands in India

SamsungVivoXiaomiRealmeOnePlusApple iPhones

Every year we can find the refinement of mobile technologies to provide something better to tech-savvy consumers. Presently, the two most notable mobile Operating Systems in the market are- Android and iOS. It is true that Apple was the first to introduce touchscreen smartphones. However, in due course, the market share of iOS devices has declined slowly, and Google’s Android has grabbed its position. The open-source Android Operating System is compatible with the Java programming language. With millions of apps, Android mobiles have drawn the attention of several users. Let us now provide you with comprehensive information about Android mobiles.

Android Operating Systems

Android OS comes with several advantages

  • Free to customize
  • Multi-tasking compatibility
  • Easy to back up and restore apps
  • A modified ROM is easily installable
  • Works with both 2D and 3D graphics
  • Multiple apps can run simultaneously
  • Lots of widgets on display

Android devices let you enjoy its interface using tapping, pinching, and swiping gestures with an intuitive design. But, there are several other reasons for choosing Android mobiles.

Android mobiles ranging from premium models to budget-friendly ones

Available in different price ranges, Android mobiles easily suit your budget. Due to the lower price rates, these smartphones have won a good share of the market. Furthermore, you will get high-end mobiles at an affordable rate. On the contrary, price is the biggest barrier to buy Apple’s mobiles.

Several brands manufacturing Android phones

While iOS is restricted to Apple’s devices, Android mobiles are the products of several companies. You can easily buy your Android smartphone from your favorite brands. Moreover, every brand has released different models at varying price rates. But why do lots of companies prefer Android to manufacture their mobiles? In 2007, some software companies, hardware makers, and mobile operators had partnered up with Google to launch the Open Handset Alliance. It gives an open-source license to mobile manufacturers.

Higher compatibility with several devices

The wider ecosystem of wearable and peripheral devices is another reason for choosing Android. For instance, Google Home speaker, Huawei mobile, and Samsung smartwatch can work together. Modern consumers who do not like to stick to some brands will find a range of choices.

A vast range of apps

Android has opened several new potentials not only for device manufacturers but also for app developers. Moreover, it does not cost much to create an Android. Google Play Store presents you with a variety of apps of different categories, and a few of them are-

Educational apps

These apps are available for learners of different levels and ages. From language learning apps to news apps, everything falls under this category. For instance, Buzzfeed, Flipboard, BYJU’s, and Coursera are some popular apps to educate users.

Lifestyle apps

Apps for dating, fitness, travel and food are under this category. Lifestyle apps have become highly popular, as they have made our life easier and saved our effort. OpenTable is one of the lifestyle apps, as it lets you order dishes from local restaurants. Moreover, Uber, Tripadvisor, and Bumble are other Android apps in the lifestyle category.

Social networking

Social media apps have gained traction with a vast user base. Real-time conversations, image posting, and live video sharing- these features are common to social media platforms. Most of these platforms have free versions. However, you can find differences in the interface of social media platforms, like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Business and productivity apps

Several organizations have started reliant on these apps for invoice generation, email delivery, and several other activities. Calculator, Wunderlist, and Square Register are some popular business apps for companies of any size. Moreover, there are several freelancing apps and work-from-home apps for young candidates.

Entertainment apps

Mobile users like to get entertained from audio and video content, and that’s why these entertainment apps have become highly popular. From Amazon Prime Video to Voot, lots of choices are there to entertain you. Some apps, like Netflix, also let you stream live videos. But, to get free entertaining videos, you can download YouTube.

Gaming apps

Both free and premium gaming apps have become widely acceptable to smartphone users. While some of them are silly games, others are brain-training puzzles and arcade games.

Important features to consider when buying an Android mobile

Best Android Mobiles 2023 in India by Price, Specs & Features

How should you decide on the right Android smartphone? You need to focus on several factors to purchase the best Android mobile.

Know the purpose of buying your mobile

While some buyers prefer Android phones for general and business-related purposes, others look for gaming mobiles. You have to know the intention of buying the Android mobile to decide on the right model. Brands like Asus and Razer have designed their mobiles specifically for gamers, with premium standard technical features. However, recently, Samsung and OnePlus have also started releasing mobiles for gamers, with essential features like a 144Hz display, a Snapdragon 888 chipset, 16GB RAM, and a long-lasting 6000mAh battery.

Size of Best Android phones

You can decide on the size of the Android mobile based on the purpose of using the handset. For instance, 5-inch mobiles are perfect for regular basic activities. You can easily hold the mobile single-handedly to watch movies, read e-books, and play games. However, the pixel count is lower with these 5-inch models.

When you like to play graphic-intensive games, you can choose 6-inch Android mobiles. You can read the content of your e-books clearly, and you won’t need to scroll down the screen frequently. Brands like Samsung and Vivo have already released mobiles with a 6-inch display.

Best Android Mobiles Display

High-quality displays can range from 90Hz to 120Hz. The quality of the display differentiates mid-tier models from premium ones. OLED panels, which were once present only in premium mobiles, have become available with affordable Android phones. Check the peak brightness (up to 200 nits) and color accuracy. You will find AMOLED technology in Samsung and OnePlus models, but Poco F2 Pro and Realme X3 SuperZoom have also been praised as the best Android mobiles with superb performance.

Camera and resolution

Many Android lovers like to take professional-standard photos. A solid camera with high consistency is desirable for Android mobile buyers. Google’s mobiles have drawn attention with unmatched image processing, 16MP ultra-wide sensors, and amazing output. Samsung’s mobiles also enable you to take great-looking photos, and OnePlus 8 Pro has telephoto shooters and high-quality sensors.

Moreover, check the number of megapixels, as it indicates the resolution of your mobile’s camera. Look for Android mobiles with higher resolution to produce better quality photos. The sensor size is another important factor, as a bigger sensor receives more light. The best Android mobiles have a sensor size close to 1″.

Best Android Mobiles Processor

A processor is comparable to the brain of a mobile. Look for Android mobiles with highly powerful processors that make a difference in overall performance. A higher-quality processor enables you to operate the mobile smoothly. Several Android mobiles have chosen Qualcomm’s Snapdragon processors, and these chips use ARM Cortex CPU. You can find 7 series of these Snapdragon chipsets. Some mobiles also use Kirin chips that are as powerful as Qualcomm chips. Other mobile processor manufacturing companies include Hisilicon and MediaTek.


RAM capacity is one of the factors to consider when buying a reliable Android mobile. It is good to have a mobile with at least 8GB of RAM. Mobiles with 8GB of RAM are available at a range of price rates. Multi-tasking activities will be manageable smoothly with these mobiles. With a slightly higher budget, you will find mobiles with up to 12GB of RAM. Higher RAM capacity helps you have faster access to your apps and switch between them faster.

Storage capacity

An Android mobile with high storage capacity enables you to install several apps and store multiple media files. The standard storage capacity of Android phones can range from 8 to 12GB. Make sure that your chosen mobile works with a microSD card.

Interestingly, when a smartphone has an internal storage of 16GB, its usable storage needs to be between 11.5 and 12.5 GB. For instance, Motorola’s Nexus 6 has an internal storage of 64GB, and its usable storage will be about 55GB. Focus on this fact when purchasing any Android mobile.


Based on the choice of Android mobile model and brand, you can find differences in battery quality. A fully charged battery should last for about 40 hours with regular 1-hour internet browsing, 1-hour video playback, and 1-hour calls. However, your usage patterns and adjustability of usage components are other relevant factors that can affect battery longevity. The best mobiles have standby power consumption to increase battery life. Premium phones may have a battery capacity of up to 6,000mAh. Li-ion and Li-Polymer are the most common battery technologies used for Android mobiles.

4G and 5G technologies

While several consumers are currently using their 4G mobiles, mobile companies have already launched handsets with 5G network capabilities. You will find lower latency and faster data speeds with these mobiles. With a slightly higher budget, you will get premium-tier handsets that have advanced 5G technologies. 5G users will enjoy a data speed of 50Mbps, whereas 4G LTE-A users will find a data transfer speed of about 30Mbps. Moreover, 5G ensures sub-10ms latency, while it is 50ms for 4G users.

AI technology

Tech-savvy consumers always look for the presence of innovative AI technologies in their Android phones. You may upgrade your old Android mobile with an AI-powered model. The use of this technology has also increased the security standards of the mobile.

For instance, you can lock your mobile with facial biometrics. Facial recognition technology will help in scanning your face and unlocking your phone.

Moreover, the speech recognition systems integrated into Android mobiles rely on AI technologies.

AI-powered mobiles help you click higher quality photos with artistic effects. You will have better selfies and clear low-light photos. Google’s latest feature, Super Res Zoom, gives you a digital zooming advantage using a special algorithm. AI algorithms enable you to have detailed images without the need for cropping them.


Although AI technologies make your phone secure, there are other Android settings to strengthen security. You can turn on Google Play Protect, Safe Browsing mode, Smart Lock system, Guest Mode, Lockdown Mode, and Screen Pinning. Android Find My Device is another interesting feature that allows you to know the last location of your mobile.

Single SIM and multi-SIM mobiles

Single SIM slots are available in old and outdated mobiles. Nowadays, almost every Android mobile has dual-SIM slots. There are advantages to this dual-SIM system.

As call charges of service providers differ, it is better to have two SIM cards. Businesspersons mostly like to have multiple phone numbers for different purposes. It is not practical to use two separate mobile sets, which is why you can look for Android phones with dual SIM slots.

Another reason for choosing dual SIM mobiles is that they are not locked to a particular network, so you can deal with your desired network provider. You can also use a travel SIM during international trips without unlocking your mobile.


Smartphones are not just devices for chatting with others and sending messages. We use these devices to transfer data, surf the web, send emails, and engage in social networking. When buying your Android mobile, check the available connectivity options. The most commonly found connectivity is mobile data, but there are other options available as well.

  • Bluetooth: It is one of the wireless technologies to transfer data between two devices. You don’t need to turn on your internet connection to use Bluetooth. By pairing two devices, you can successfully transfer any type of file. However, the distance between devices must be shorter.
  • Wi-Fi: Most Android mobiles have Wi-Fi connectivity with hotspot options. When there is internet connectivity in airports, cafes, and other public places, you can connect your phone. Wi-Fi technology is also useful at home when you have installed wireless broadband routers. Devices within the Wi-Fi hotspot range will find better and stronger broadband connections.
  • NFC: It is another relevant technology to share data between NFC-capable devices. You need to activate Android Beam and make sure that the chosen devices have NFC. However, you cannot share the app’s APK via NFC.
  • USB: Some Android devices have USB connections. It is easy to connect Android mobiles with any USB device.

Check the price

Finally, check the latest price of your chosen Android mobile. Some buyers have a set budget and prefer to purchase low-priced mobiles. However, price is not a big factor for many consumers, and they desire highly innovative and advanced models with the Android operating system.

Latest Mobiles Price List in India

These are some important factors to consider when deciding on the right Android smartphone. We have provided you with brief details about the Android mobile market. You can replace your old handset with the latest released Android mobile.