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Apple Vision Pro Review: Is it worth  $3500 USD or INR 290,000 in India?

Apple has recently unveiled its highly anticipated Apple Vision Pro headset, a groundbreaking device that has the potential to replace smartphones in the future. In this article, we will explore the functionality, strengths, weaknesses, and Apple’s motivation behind venturing into the world of augmented and virtual reality (AR/VR).

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Seamless Design and Immersive Visuals

The Apple Vision Pro headset is designed as a pair of goggles that prioritize a seamless user experience. Despite its advanced technology, Apple has managed to make the headset feel lightweight and comfortable to wear. The key feature of the Vision Pro is its exceptional screens, with one dedicated to each eye. These high-resolution screens offer a level of clarity and pixel density 64 times greater than that of an iPhone, resulting in stunningly sharp visuals. This immersive experience allows users to interact with virtual objects with an unprecedented sense of realism.

Advanced Functionality and Social Experience

The Vision Pro is not simply a device for personal entertainment; it aims to create a social experience. Equipped with an array of sensors, including 3D cameras and LiDAR scanners, the headset provides users with a 3D view of their surroundings, mirroring the way human eyes perceive the real world. The integration of digital objects into physical environments creates a seamless blend of the virtual and real worlds. Additionally, the headset features a second set of cameras that capture facial expressions. This information enables the generation of a photorealistic digital avatar during FaceTime calls, enhancing the sense of social connection. The headset can even project a 3D model of the user’s eye movements onto an external screen, providing transparency and easing any concerns about disconnection.

Intuitive Control and Impressive Power

Controlling the Vision Pro is intuitive and natural. The headset utilizes internal cameras to track eye movements and iris patterns, effectively turning the eyes into a cursor for navigation and interaction. Finger tracking is also supported, allowing users to interact with the virtual environment effortlessly. Additionally, the Vision Pro incorporates Siri for voice input, and it can be linked with Apple keyboards and mice for more traditional input methods.

In terms of power, the Vision Pro boasts its own M2 chipset, delivering high-performance capabilities akin to a laptop. It also features a dedicated R1 chip to handle the extensive data from its numerous cameras, sensors, and microphones. To distribute the weight and size of the headset, Apple has incorporated an external battery pack, which, despite impacting battery life, enhances comfort during extended wear.

Apple’s Motivation and Future Prospects

Apple’s entry into the headset market demonstrates its belief in the potential of AR and VR technology. By releasing the Vision Pro early, Apple aims to establish dominance and encourage developer support. The company’s strategic preparation over the years, incorporating features like lidar scanners, Siri improvements, and spatial audio for AirPods, indicates its commitment to the AR/VR vision. While the Vision Pro may not immediately replace smartphones, it represents a significant step towards a future where shared experiences are transformed, and technology seamlessly integrates into our lives.

Wrap Up

The Apple Vision Pro headset represents a remarkable technological achievement that pushes the boundaries of immersive experiences. With its seamless design, immersive visuals, advanced functionality, and emphasis on social interaction, the Vision Pro stands out in the AR/VR market. Apple’s careful preparation and strategic approach position them as a frontrunner in this rapidly evolving field. As we embrace the possibilities of this new era of technology, the Apple Vision Pro paves the way for innovative and transformative experiences that have the potential to reshape our digital interactions.

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